Animated stories to promote Chocolato marketing campaigns.


In this project, I held the position of the lead designer responsible for creating captivating and playful animated stories to promote Chocolato’s motion design aesthetic, with a particular emphasis on kinetic typography. The primary objective was to enhance the brand’s online presence and engagement through creative and visually appealing animations.

One of my main mandate I took lead was to devise an innovative idea to celebrate Chocolato Tremblant’s one-year anniversary. This animation served as a focal point for promoting the anniversary event and was strategically shared across various social media platforms to maximize reach and engagement.

Furthermore, I played a key role in developing different media assets related to the campaign. This included designing eye-catching visuals, banners, and graphics that effectively communicated Chocolato’s ice cream flavor choices, highlighting their diverse and irresistible range.

Additionally, I collaborated with the team to create a Christmas-themed animation featuring a funny ice cream cone, adding a touch of humor and festivity to Chocolato’s holiday promotions.

Throughout the project, I leveraged my expertise in motion design, storytelling, and kinetic typography to bring these concepts to life. I also collaborated closely with the marketing team and brand operation managers, aligning the design concepts with Chocolato’s brand identity and marketing goals. By utilizing playful animated stories and kinetic typography, I successfully contributed to enhancing Chocolato’s online visibility, fostering brand loyalty, and driving customer engagement.