ui web design

bonsai montreal

Self-directed mobile UI project. This app would allow users to locally buy bonsais. Through this application, I aim to stress the importance of buying local.


In this project, I took the lead in the rebranding of Carlos & Pepe’s visual identity. My responsibilities included creating mood boards to explore and communicate the desired artistic direction, as well as coordinating photo shoots to capture colourful visuals that align with the new brand image.

I played a key role in designing the food, beverage and desert menu, ensuring it reflected the updated visual identity and effectively showcased the diverse offerings of Carlos & Pepe’s. This involved carefully curating the layout, typography, and imagery to create an enticing and visually appealing menu for customers.

Additionally, I worked on developing social media assets that conveyed the rebranded visual identity across various digital platforms. This included designing animated stories, banners, and promotional materials to enhance the online presence of Carlos & Pepe’s and engage their target audience.

The application offers detailed information about the specific requirements and care instructions for each variety of bonsai. Users can access specifications such as watering techniques, frequency, potting guidelines, fertilizing methods, and pruning instructions. This valuable resource equips bonsai enthusiasts with the necessary knowledge and guidance to effectively nurture and maintain their bonsai trees. By providing comprehensive care instructions, the app empowers users to ensure the optimal health and growth of their bonsai collection.